Waterproof connectors

The review will be very brief, the summary – the connectors are suitable, you can take it.

Waterproof connectors

which side to insert dads is pretty obvious, and moms – as in the photo, I hope it will be clear. Recently there was a review of a set of connectors, in the comments someone was going to use them on a motorcycle. The lot also contains connectors with a different number of contacts. Quite soft, they fit tight. Crimped terminals are inserted from the back (in some types of connectors, oddly enough, they are inserted from the front, that is, first we pass the wire, then we crimp the terminal, and then we snap it into the connector housing) The https://jiji.ng/kaduna/299-trolleys sealing rubber bands included are better than in the photo in the lot. This is what the connected connectors look like. general dimensions in the connected state 25x30x45mm The terminals are of good quality, they don’t magnetize, it’s a pity they didn’t put spare ones – but I wouldn’t refuse 😉 we inserted the terminals into the connectors, and then we insert the yellow latches, which burst the latches there in the depth of the connectors, which actually fix the terminals.

For motorcycles, sealed connectors are needed, such as the monitored ones. I did not crimp the terminals, I pushed a couple of pieces into place to show the connector assembly. Well, then we put on the inner sealing gum.
So, those connectors were leaky, and you can only use them in a car, and even then only in the cabin.

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