Rinco 3.0″ LCD Screen Protector…

Usually people save on such films after looking at the price tag. “The toad is strangling” to pay from 350 to 700 rubles for a piece of sticky polyethylene. This film costs 12-20 times cheaper than its expensive counterparts and is no worse than them (so far, at least, I have nothing to dig into). Protective film for screens of mobile phones, cameras and everything else that scratches and shows.

Rinco 3.0" LCD Screen Protector for Digital Cameras/DV Camcorders

Moreover, at this price it can be replaced at least every year. As a result, the screen of the gadget is quickly scratched. PS I remind you that it is recommended to stick such films in the bathroom – https://tonaton.ug/s_17-oled-tvs there, by definition, there is less dust in the air. There are other sizes https://tonaton.co.ke/s_389-hookah-bowls on the https://jiji.ng/surulere/plumbing-and-water-supply/gas DX website.

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