Reviews of magnetic chargers

This also applies to the USB connector on the computer and the charger.

Reviews of magnetic chargers

A magnetic charger is a cable that makes it easy to connect your smartphone to a computer or charger equipped with a USB connector. The magnetic charging cable consists of two parts. You can connect your smartphone to a magnetic cable even in the dark: the magnetic connector is attracted to the "plug" from a distance of 1-5 cm. Between themselves, both parts are switched using a magnetic connector. The manufacturer promises data transfer, fast charging and current up to 3 amperes, regardless of which side of the cable is connected to the phone. Let’s take a look at these parameters. I propose to your court a review of the charging cable with a magnetic connector. The first is installed in the micro-USB of the smartphone, looks like a plug. Good afternoon everyone! The second part is a cable ending with a USB connector. The micro-USB connector on the phone does not loosen, the contacts do not lose reliability. For daily connection-disconnection, a magnetic connector is used. The service life of telephone and computer connectors increases by an order of magnitude – this is the main advantage of a magnetic cable. The resulting connection between a smartphone and a computer can serve not only to charge the battery, but also to receive and transmit data, therefore a magnetic charger is often called a “magnetic data cable”. The telephone part of the magnetic cable ("plug") is installed in the smartphone for a long time.

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