New RD6006 (W) voltage converter module from Rui Deng

WiFi module, it comes only with models with index W. For the packaging 5 points, although even in this version the seller for the case states that it can be slightly deformed, apparently he knows the features of postal services better 🙂 4. Thermal sensor, resistance 10 kOhm, cable length 1 m. Sizes in full. 3. In fact, the design is the same as in previous models, i.e. a module designed for installation on a panel, the so-called "panel" version. Initially, the review was planned more, but one of the suppliers let me down and sent the power supply much later than I would like, so I had to break the review into two parts, the main and the additional. Having received all this from the Mist Express courier, I understood why, each product has an individual package and it is quite large. The first impression is that it is clearly larger than all previous models, and the control is much more developed. But the size of course is larger here, length 166mm, height 80mm. A fuse for a current of 10A, though only one, I would like to have at least a pair. So I got a novelty from Rui Deng, an adjustable voltage converter for building a laboratory power supply. The color is almost white, a little grayish, but looks good. Unlike previous models, the USB interface is now available on all models. But the manufacturer heard my thoughts expressed in previous reviews and released the first model from the updated line. 1. A pair of fork-shaped tips, most likely for connecting multimeter probes or loads. In addition to the general packaging, there is a cardboard box with color printing, the box also indicates the main characteristics and the fact that this is a version with WiFi (the letter W in the model name), respectively, there is a version of RD6006 without WiFi, the price difference is $ 4 . I’ll start of course with the converter.

New RD6006 (W) voltage converter module from Rui Deng

The converter was ordered complete with a case, but for some reason the seller sent them in two shipments, with two tracking numbers. In addition, some little things were included in the kit. I did reviews of various converter boards, including three models from Rui Deng, which in fact could form an opinion on the entire line of converters produced. In general, for me the appearance of new items was a pleasant surprise. Moreover, the large box was clearly opened, it was noticeable by the carelessly pasted adhesive tape, I will assume that at the customs, but they usually glue the corresponding sticker. But then I didn’t really like them because they look a little … toy, although the parameters are provided by very “adults”. In addition, in the additional there will be answers to questions that arose after reading the main part.
Total additionally was: 2.

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