LG XBOOM Go Bluetooth Speakers Look: Sound Boost Charm Button

LG XBOOM Go Bluetooth Speakers Look: Sound Boost Charm Button

LG XBOOM Go Bluetooth speaker review: Sound Boost charm button

Boom-boom-boom, today we have three xbooms. We can see and hear three speakerless speakers from the LG XBOOM Go series. We promise a clear sound, light music, all-weather design, sleepy speakers and control through a mobile add-on. Three models (PL2, PL5 and PL7) vary one from one in size, tightness and functionalities. A good solution for organizing a party or cultivating a musical atmosphere in private rooms.


A series of portable Bluetooth speakers that includes small, medium and large 5, 20 and 30W models. All three can work in pairs with the smallest extension of the series, and two older models can be combined in https://ha.opay.com.ng/page-sony-ericsson-aino-farkon-saninsa a measure of up to 100 columns. Versions PL5 and PL7 are equipped with configurable light outputs. The older version can also be used as a power bank. All speakers are waterproof IPX5.

5 reasons to buy LG XBOOM Go speakers:

  • good sound thanks to Meridian’s best technology;
  • all-weather protection for the hull from the windy water;
  • the ability to beat a column of speakers at once (up to 100 for PL5 and PL7);
  • cutely dynamic lighting (only for PL5 and PL7);
  • Robot in power bank mode (only for PL7 model).

3 reasons not to buy LG XBOOM Go speakers:

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