Harper Gaming ArtPAD P03 backlit mouse pad

A transparent flexible light guide for illumination is sewn onto a fishing line (for strength) along the contour of the rug. Comes with nylon braided micro USB cable and documentation:
It’s good, it looks stricter. It has tabs for fixing the cable. Of course, you can turn off the backlight altogether.
Microscope x85: Conclusion Let’s start the review with the declared characteristics of the product. The dimensions are exactly as stated. Power consumption during operation: Appearance
The rug is made in China. The mouse manipulator moves smoothly and precisely. The product was provided for writing a review by the store. And customizable atmospheric lighting will decorate your desktop with a PC. Base material: rubber Today, let’s take a look at a large (770×300 mm!) gaming mat from Harper. RGB backlight
There is only one control button, the control is written in English. The backlight modes change sequentially.
Internal – rubberized so that the rug does not crawl on the table: Illuminated : RGB 7 modes Sewn edges: yes The outer surface is made of dense and smooth synthetic fiber: Dimensions: 700x300x3 mm

Harper Gaming ArtPAD P03 backlit mouse pad

Packaging and accessories Warranty 12 months It is huge – almost the entire table, it will fit a full-size keyboard and there will be room for the mouse to roam! Connection: USB, cable 1.8 m

The backlight is controlled by a plastic one block on the left side of the mat. Technical specifications The rug needs to lie down for a while. There are as many as 12 types of glow, of which 5 are dynamically changing RGB backlight modes, and the remaining 7 are backlighting with one color along the contour. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules We open it – the mat, of course, comes rolled up: But you can always wipe it with a damp sponge. Let’s look at the details: The product is delivered in a branded cardboard box with a game logo: In operation, this mat proved to be good. Microscope x85: There is only one logo in the lower right corner: Enjoy the shopping! The ArtPAD P03 has a textured surface to work with optical and laser https://jiji.co.ke/cars/nissan-sunny-1999 mouse sensors, and features 7-color RGB contouring to create the right ambience.
Whether it can be washed, that is the question. Surface material: synthetic microfiber
There is practically no smell. Harper has a gaming product line: Harper Gaming. "Hg" is abbreviated as the designation for mercury in the periodic table. This ArtPAD P03 is the largest of this gaming line.
Thank you for your attention.
Product weight: Colour: black

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