Aston Martin DB9 reviews

But when you feel the soul of the car, then this shell comes to life and it’s like an arrow of Cupid, like a love potion for which there is no antidote – you fall in love with this soul in a betrayal way! And no matter how much money you pay for your Aston Martin, remember – the soul is not for sale. Soul. This car has soul. Without it, even the most beautiful embodiment of engineering and design ideas remains only a beautiful blank, a shell – call it what you want. 07/08/2017 The price is 4 million, the fuel consumption is under 30 liters, the road tax is about 150 thousand rubles, and in the winter to the garage – if these are the first thoughts that come to you when you see Aston Ma.

Aston Martin DB9 reviews

the most grinning manager in the showroom for this car.

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